Foaling Alarm

Don’t miss any birth and foal,
again by using the Sigloo Foaling Alarm

Sigloo Foaling Alarm
- simple and safe -
it will notify the registered telephone numbers

-100% reliability without false alarms

-one step simple installation and easy to use. 24/7 non-stop personal sales service from a horse-vet on the phone, via Skype or email

-through many years’ development, this is the most reliable birth alarm system, that activates only at the expansion of the mare’s vagina

-over 1300 satisfied users around the world, including well known studs, horse-clinics, vets and breeders

-100% personal service including direct access to our company’s development, production, trade and all customer services. Quick and price competitive response time to the customers due to direct access to our company staff.

-direct sales to all countries, sent direct from the warehouse our company

-we update the system constantly, previous devices will be updated at no charge

-a 3 year warranty that can be extended up to 5 years (small additional fee required)

-a 30 day money-back guarantee!

-short periods and seasonal renting possibilities available

-delivery times: 1-2 days within Europe, 2-5 days worldwide

-customer care is always available to best serve your needs

How does it work?

The system has two main parts: the receiver device and the transmitter (radio chip).

Receiver device

Save a maximum of four phone numbers onto a SIM card using a mobile phone, and then putting the SIM card into the receiver device. 
At the foaling the device receives a radio signal from the transmitter, that alarms users by calls the SIM registered phone numbers.
Place the receiver device in the stable, waiting for the radio signal from the transmitters. The receiver is running mainly from the power source, but in case of a black out the device will keep running on its built-in battery for the next 48 hours. 
If the mares are far away from the stable, you can place the device near the mares, and it will work on the battery mode.
One receiver device can be used by a lot of transmitters at the same time. Each transmitter has an ID number, which will be shown on the receivers display during an alarm, so you can see which mare is in foaling.
Areas with a week GSM signal, one can use the device with an optional stronger GSM antenna, which can be positioned outside of the building.
Your landline phone in your house can be also be called by registering this number on the SIM card in the device.
In places with no GSM signal at all, we can use the system without a SIM card with the optional buzzer which can be several hundred meters away from the receiver device.

Sigloo receiver
-presently, on the highest technological level
-is easy to use
-GSM calls are included but also useable without SIM cards with the optional buzzer
-works also with the the battery inside
-range to the transmitters can be extended by an optional antenna (more than 1000 meters)

Transmitter (radio chip)

The vet stitches the transmitter onto the mares vulvar lip, 8-10 days before the foaling. The stitching is almost painless and uses our sterile packed needle and surgeon yarn combination. This allows wearing by the mare for more than 4 weeks without any negative tissue reaction.

During the birth a small magnet will be pulled out from the transmitter at the opening of the vagina. At this point the transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver, and activates the alarm.
The distance between the transmitter and the receiver device can be up to 100 meters in the building, and up to 1000 meters on the field, which can be extended by using an optional stronger antenna.
At the alarm you can decide to have the next SIM number alarme on or off.
The radio chip is useable for a lot of foalings and rechargeable any time with the own charger unit.
You can clearly see the transmitters battery status on the receiver device during a test alarm. If the battery charging level will be low, you can charge it within 2-3 hours.
Sigloo transmitters
-are less expensive,
-are easy and painless to stitch
-have an extended range to the receiver, hardly ever affected by walls
-have a longer battery life span,
-battery level can be controlled
-the only recahrgeable transmitter on the market