About us

The management of our team:

György Pénzes DVM

veterinarian,  the “dreamer” with a lot of ideas
over 20 years experience in the equine reproduction
in Hungary and Austria
your foaling alarm advisor by email and on the phone


 János Hartl

engineer,  who puts the ideas into practice
over 30 years experience in development of medical devices
in Hungary and Canada
head of production and service


The main goal of our company is not only sales but the insemination of mares and the veterinary supervision of studs. The Sigloo birth alarm system was developed due to our needs because we weren’t satisfied with the birth alarm systems that we previously used. Our company’s engineer has a long history and great experience in developing various systems over many years.

His goal in life is to find solutions for the most complicated tasks regarding devices like ours. Accordingly, we see selling Sigloo alarm systems as a way to assist and support our fellow colleagues and breeders.

The most important goal for our team is to focus on our customers.

In the long run we only want satisfied customers, a good relationship is more important for us than short-term profits.

That is why we created a unique warranty program. For us selling a device is only the first step followed by support to our customers.