Are there any false alarms when using Sigloo?

If the transmitter was sewn up correctly and we check the transmitter (control the sutures, remove the manure) every 4-5 days, then there are no false alarms at all. Factors that might activate other birth alarm systems (the mare laying down when resting or perspiration in a hot stall etc.) will have no effect on Sigloo.

Can birth commence without an alarm?

If the transmitter was tested and sewn up according to our instructions and it is checked regularly then birth without activation is not possible. These problems that could occur with other alarm systems (the mare not laying down when giving birth, no perspiration in cold weather etc.) have no effect on Sigloo.

What needs to be done after the transmitter is sewn up?

The device should be checked every 4-5 days. It should be softly cleaned and dried dung should be removed.

Is sewing up the transmitter painful for the mare?

Sewing up the device would mean only two small stitches with a thin needle from our stitching set. The pain is equal to that of two injections. Now a complicated birth unsupervised or a foal that could get stuck would result in suffering for the mare.

Is the sewn up device not disturbing the mare?

The mare will soon ignore the device right after the sewing up is done. A correctly sewn up transmitter is neither bothersome nor painful for the mare and can be worn for weeks without any negative tissue reaction.

How do we know, when to sew up the device?

It is recommended to check the mare from the 3rd week before the due date. If we can milk only a couple of water-like drops from the udder then there is no need to sew it up. When the milked liquid starts to look cloudy, then it it’s time to sew it up.
One should sew up at the latest a week before the birth expected delivery day.

How does one sew up the transmitter correctly?

It must be done by a horse vet in every case. If one needs to better understand the process, please view the following video. It’s essential to test the transmitter before each use according to the user’s manual.

How long and how many times is the transmitter reusable?

The transmitter can be used up to 4-5 years or 40-50 foaling and hundreds of short test alarms. You can always control the battery level with a test alarm.

How far away can the mare be from the receiver device?

The range between the transmitter and the receiver device can be up to 100m in a building and up to 1000m in an open area. By using the optional high power radio antenna, the range increases to 200 m in a building and 2000 m in an open area.

Can the transmitters magnet be used many times?

As long as the fixing yarn and the plastic socket of the magnet is steady, it can be used each time after proper cleaning.
If the yarn or the plastic part are no longer intact, it’s time to replace it.

What shall I expect when using the receiver device?

The receiver is working with a normal SIM card. It’s essential to use an activated SIM card and if it’s a “pay-as-you-go” card, one should check the monetary balance regularly. We recommend to set a special ringtone on the phone that will be used only when a birth commences.

What should we do at a birth?

The transmitter only uses electricity when at the time of birth the small magnet is pulled out. Upon arriving at the stable, it’s essential to insert a stand-by magnet into the transmitter to protect the battery.

Can I use the system if there is a weak GSM signal?

You can use the system also without a SIM card in the buzzer mode.
In this case the buzzer will notify you.

Tips until the next use

Some of our customers use Sigloo for other purposes in the time before the next birth.  If we attach a longer piece of yarn to the magnet, it’ll be able to give the following signals:
Some horses got out of the stable during the night, or there are people creating motion in the stable or that something was moved around.
Our system operates similar to that of a home alarm system.

If you don’t find your question listed here, please contact us by email or phone.