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How does it work?

You will sew up the transmitter onto the mares vulvar lip 8-14 days before the due date.
Sewing up the transmitter is a continuous income for you.
You can also suggest different birth related treatments during these visits.

During the birth a small magnet will be pulled out from the transmitter at the opening of 
the vagina. At this point the transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver (range 
100-1000m), which will call up to 4 phone numbers. The alarm options can be customized. With most of our customers the device calls the mare owner and sends a text message to the vet, based on this text you can plan your first visit to the newborn foal automatically.

Some of our well known clients:

Belgium: Zangersheide, Keros, Dekstation Holstenhoeve, Schoukens Training Centre
Germany: Horse Clinic Dr.Brems Wolfesing, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Hengststation Holzeder, Horse Clinic München-Riem, Gerd Sosath, Pferdeklinik Ankum, Pferdeklinik Dr.Rowold, Hengststation Völz,
France: Stud Semilly,  Dorrels Stud, The Stallion Company, Haras de Montaigu, Ecurie du Clair de Lune
UK: Aja Arabians, Bearstone Stud, Dr.Alan Dunlop, Equine Vet Ambulatory Service, Fairlight Stud, Hazelwood Bloodstock, New Priory Stud, Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Nick Bradley Bloodstock, Sclater Equine, Willows Veterinary Hospital, Peter C Campbell Farms
Ireland: Ballyhampshire Stud, Broadmedow Equestrian Centre, Eurostallions Ireland, Irish Equine Centre, Hiltonview Stables, New Park Veterinary Practice, Shark Bloodstock, Tower Equine Hospital,
Italy: Azienda Agricola Villanova, Centro Equino Arcadia, Dott.Ombretta Orsini, Pier Giorgo Stroppa, Soc.Agr.Fossa Mala
Netherland: EAC Sporthorses, Equilife Reproduction Center, Pia-Luise Aufrecht, Eurohill, Sham Arabians, Stal Wilgenhof
They are some of our 600 satisfied clients. We have a lot of systems in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxemburg, Spain, Morocco, Australia and New Zealand.

Why should you choose the Sigloo Foaling Alarm?

It has minimal maintenance costs unlike other similar devices.The main benefit is the possibility to change the battery in the transmitters(after about 30-50 births), so you do not have to buy a new transmitter. All you have to do to send it to our firm, and you will receive it back in 3-4 days with a new battery and plastic case for only 20 Euro.

It is very likely, that even now, you feel that you or your client need this device…

… you can purchase it during the two days of ESER
with an exceptional

5 years warranty!

and if you would like to get
a special ESER present

in a value of 180 €

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