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As a horse vet would you like to gain new customers through a new service or make the old ones more loyal to your business?

The main focus of horse breeders is one thing: the birth of the foal, “the future winner”.
We, vets are essential for the breeders in two stages:
  • The first stage starts with fertilization, goes through caring about the pregnant mare and ends with the birth preparations.
  • The second stage is the first veterinary check of the foal right after birth, and the later routine procedures, treatment of the common foal illnesses.
A living foal is necessary for the second stage.
It is very interesting, that as vets we play the smallest part at the most important event, the birth. We have the least control over the success of the birth, because if the owner or the carer does not recognize the start of the birth in time and the necessity of a vet´s help both of our work will be in vain.
Losing a foal is a great loss for our business in the short run, because we will miss the second stage, caring about the foal, and will miss the income with it as well.
In the long run the loss can be even bigger, because many times hobby breeders give up future breeding when they find their dead mare with a torn vagina and a dead foal in the stall.
Breeders normally are aware of this danger, we see all kinds of supervision from the CCTV to watching the mare in the stall and installing different birth alarm systems. We, vets cannot change these methods and giving birth without proper supervision and dead foals are a continuing problem.
Most of Sigloos current customers are vets who say that their clients are very grateful for helping and supporting them in a new area, during birth.
It is very reassuring for the owner of the mares to use a device before birth that was recommended by their vet, whom they can trust. The owner will be grateful to you for being able to start the day relaxed even before birth. Relaxed, because he did not have to walk into the stall, check the CCTV or jump out of bed with high blood pressure to check, if the device is sending a proper birth alarm or is a false alarm again like on the previous 6-7 occasions.
Sigloo Foaling-Alarm provides you with 100% safe birth alarms without false alarms.
We use the most reliable method – measuring the opening of the mare’s vagina – combined with the latest microelectonical techniques, which has been tested for the last 25 years. The transmitter attached with two stitches to the mare’s vagina can detect the growing distance from the little magnet on the other side of the vagina. At this point the receiver device located within 200 meters calls the defined 8 phone numbers or sends a text message. The receiver device works with a battery as well, so during the day we can move it to the grazing area along with the mares.            The alarm options can be customized.
With most of our customers the device calls the carer and sends a text message to the vet, based on this text he can plan his day better in the morning and will treat the foal for the first time.
Detailed description can be found on the Use of Sigloo page.
As a horse vet you can profit in many ways from buying the Sigloo Foaling-Alarm.
For breeders with a small number of mares it is better to rent a device than buying one. These 12 Euros a day they spent at other businesses before.                                 Why would not they give it to you instead?
It is easier for the owner if he does not have to order it by post etc, the vet can bring it with himself.  Sewing up the transmitter is a continuous income for you. You can also suggest different birth related treatments during these visits.
The price of the device compared to our more expensive (Ultrasound, X-ray etc.) devices is quite low, it is only a small investment, it comes back in one breeding season.
It has minimal maintenance costs and unlike other similar devices it gives you the possibility to change the battery (after about 20-30 births), so you do not have to buy a new transmitter, all you have to do is buying a new battery and a plastic cover for a couple of euros and will receive it through the post.
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This sounds like good business, but according to our customers the new service and the ability to make existing clients more loyal are even more important.
If among your clients there are breeders with many mares as well it is probably more profitable for him to buy the device. The breeder price is a lot higher than the vet price. If you order for you client the difference will be yours of course.
It is very likely that even now you feel that you need this device…
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